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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sri Rama Navami

"Sri Rama Rama Ramethi - Rame Raame Manorame
Sahasra Nama Tat Tulyam - Rama Nama Varanane"

Sri Rama Navami is the birth aniversery of Sree Rama celebrated by devotees all over the World. Sri Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sri Rama Navami, the most auspicious festival after the Telugu New Year Ugadi. Sri Rama Navami usually falls on Chaitra Sudda Navami. According to ancient texts, Sri Rama was born to King Dasarada and Kowsalya on the Chaitra Sudda Navami in Karkataka lagna with Punarvasu fourth part. This day is being celebrated as Sri Rama Navami. It is the most auspicious day for every one. According to Valmiki, Sri Rama was born well before B.C. 2055. He was born at the fourth part of Treta Yuga. Some people say that Lord Rama is born in the early part of the Treta Yuga.

The Lord incarnated as Rama and lead a human life just to show all of humankind how we should lead our lives. He under went many problems in his life just to show us how we should handle difficulties without getting frustrated. Through all the hardles in his life, he remained the perfect son, the perfect student, the perfect brother, the perfect husband, the perfect friend, the perfect warrior and the perfect king. Each and everyone of his actions is a lesson to us. He is the perfect teacher of humankind to this day.

This festival is celebrated for nine days starting from Chaitra Sudda Padyami and ends with Navami, the jayanti of Lord Sri Rama. Sree Rama was born on this day and years later on the same day Rama married Sita. "Sri Sita Rama Kalyan Mahotsav" is performed in the abode Sita Rama Temple, Bhadrachalam, Khammam (dt), Andhra Pradesh with great tradition and bhakti. The Government of Andhra Pradesh will present pearls (Mutyalu) and wedding dress (Pattu Vastralu) to Lord Rama and Sita. The Kalyanam performed in the Bhadrachalam temple in Andhra Pradesh very famous.

The important celebrations on this day takes place at Ayodhya (Uttara Pradesh), Bhadrachalam (Andhra Pradesh) and Rameswaram (Tamilnadu).  Panakam, Vadapappu (Soaked moong dal) is a main naivedyam at all temples and houses on this day in India.

Sri Rama Jayam
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