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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lord Murugan / Lord Subramanyeswara Swami

May Lord Subramanya Swami Shower His Blessing On You

Murugan Swamy
Subramanya Shasti / Subbarayudi Shasti also known as Champa Shasti is celebrated honoring the birth of the second son Lord Shiva and Parvathi, named Subramanya / Skanda. It falls on the 6th day of the Hindu month of Margasira. This year it falls on 30th November. He was born with a purpose to kill the Demon Tarakeswara.

He is called as Kumara, as he always looks like a small boy. He is called as Shanmukha, as he has six faces. He is called as Kartikeya, as he was brought up by six sisters named Kruttika. He is called Shanmatura as he was brought up by six mothers. He is always riding on the Mayura.

Lord Subramanya Swamy is considered to be the Universal Lord who blesses human beings and helps them get rid of their sins. Subramanya is a brahmachari, he likes young brahmacharis, as they will not be having any Dwesha- asuya, and their heart will be pure. We will give vastras, dakshina to brahmacharis.

When you are suffering from troubles, you may pledge that you would worship Murugan for six shasti or nine shasties. Milk, coconut, banana, jaggery can be offered as prasada to God Murugan. People skip their dinner as upavasa while worshipping him. In vedic astrology Mars is ruled by Muruga. Muruga controls the bad results from Mars.

Palani in Tamilanadu, Ghati Subramanya and Kukke Subramanya in Karnataka have two very popular and ancient temples dedicated to Lord Subramanya. Chant Lord Subramanya Astothram on tuesdays or sundays regularly to get rid of their problems and seek his blessings.

Subramanya Swami Naivedyam
                          Chalimidi & Nuvvula chimmili  Naivedyam for Muragan                                                              

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